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Ever wonder what all those different types of tweezer tips are for? Here’s a quick breakdown of when and why you’d want to use each one:

Slant Tip: Preferred tip for eyebrow shaping and general tweezing. The flat edge of the slant quickly tweezes large surfaces; flip the tweezers to use the pointed edge for precision tweezing (see our 4860).

Rounded Tip: Great for sensitive skin and people new to tweezing. The rounded tip eliminates sharp edges that can pinch or cut the skin while still allowing for close contact and a clean tweeze (see our 4861).

Pointed Tip: Ideal for ingrown hair and splinters. The pointed tip allows the user to isolate single hair more easily for maximum precision. It can also slide gently under the skin’s surface to grasp and remove ingrowns or splinters (see our 4862).

Square Tip: Is most useful for tweezing large, flat surfaces like the chin. Can also be used after body waxing to remove any hair that was left behind (see our 4816).

Claw Tip: Like the square tip, it is used for large flat surfaces and after body waxing. The tip angle can help to improve visibility and make grasping hair easier. The tips also tend to “lock” together more tightly to help grasp the hair and minimize slipping (see our 4887).

Denco Aero Tweeze

Denco Aero Tweeze

Whether you are a professional or just someone who wants professional results, using quality tweezers makes a world of difference when trimming fine hairs. Shaping eye brows, for example, involves precision in order to get that perfect look. This requires tweezers with fine tips that are precise, effective, and with a design that is simple and easy to use. Denco Aero Tweeze are a complete line of high quality, professional tweezers that get the job done.  These tweezers are stainless steel so they will not rust, and are made in Italy, with precisely aligned tips. The cut-out body design that is light weight and improves grip and precision because it’s easy to hold. Every Aero Tweeze tweezer comes with a protective pouch for safe travel and storage, and a lifetime guarantee.  They come in four colors (blue, white, pink and purple), and three different types of tips: slanted (for consistent results), rounded (for sensitive skin), or pointed (ideal for ingrown hair and precision work). For more information about Denco Aero Tweeze visit


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