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Hi Everybody!  Ryan has agreed to let me post (a short post!) today because I’m in a shout-it-from-the-rooftops kind of mood about an exciting new product launch here at Belcam.  You guys might remember me as the Beauty Tools Brand Manager (or the gal who pesters Ryan until he lets me post).  🙂  ANYWAY…..

Here’s my exciting news!  We all know how hot tattoo art is and we can find it on just about any product these days.  But our 4 NEW Slant Tip Tweezers are the first metal grooming tools to feature this kind of art.

We are so, so lucky to have a very talented artist on our staff and when I told her our idea for putting some original tattoo art on tweezers, she came through with the most amazing designs.  Of course, we decided that we’d use high quality stainless steel tweezers from Italy as a base for the art.  They feature extra fine tips – the kind that grab the hair every time, not cut it off at the base.  They’re great for shaping eyebrows and for general tweezing, but best of all, they’re just SO COOL to look at.  I pulled one out in front of my friends the other day and they totally freaked out – and these girls aren’t hard core tattoo fans or anything.  Well, one might be.  😉

I promised this would be short ,so I’ll stop myself and just say that we’re all REALLY excited here and hope you all like the tweezers too.  Check them out below and if you want to buy some, you can get them at our online shop

PS  My boss is letting me give a dollar off these tweezers when you use promo code “KIMROCKS” at checkout.  No, just kidding, you don’t need a promo code – we’re automatically giving everyone $1.00 Off.  But if you really want to type Kim Rocks! you can leave a comment to that effect below!  🙂


NEW Denco Tattoo Tweezers!

NEW Denco Tattoo Tweezers!


Denco Easy Grip® Heavy Duty Foot Smoother

Have you tried the “as seen on TV” Ped Egg? A lot of people have experienced problems with it, leaving mixed reviews. Just look at some of the customer reviews online and you’ll see tons of complaints: shavings fall on floor anyway, too small file area, hard to handle, and even drew blood! Well, what do you expect from one of those infomercial products?!

I use our Denco Easy Grip® Heavy Duty Foot Smoother regularly to keep my feet soft and smooth. It can be used wet or dry, so I just keep it in the shower as a reminder to use it regularly. Plus, if I use it in the shower the filings just go right down the drain. It’s got an ergonomic, rubber grip that’s easy to hold, and the angle allows you to easily reach all sides of your feet, kind of like a tooth brush. Best of all, there are no blades, so it can’t cut you. The abrasive surface has a coarse grit that never wears, rinses easily, and works in any direction. It quickly smoothes tough calluses and deep cracks, but it’s safe and gentle on non-callused skin too. Keeping the smoother in my shower and using it once a week is a great way to keep my feet nice and healthy, and convenient! A little foot balm afterwards is a good idea too. Even though I like to use mine in the shower, I know several people who like using it on their dry feet, without any water. They say it works great that way, so whether you prefer smoothing your feet while wet or dry, you should really give this foot smoother a try.

Denco Easy Grip® Heavy Duty Foot Smoother is also the number one customer rated foot smoother on, with an average five star rating! You can get it directly from



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