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I caught this great slideshow in GQ, Put Your Best Face Forward, offering tips on how guys can keep up with appearance without too much trouble. They’re right guys, there’s nothing wrong with taming those brows if they’re starting to get a little bushy, or you suffer from a unibrow. GQ’s tips are spot on, but I thought I’d share what I keep in my grooming kit. First start with a cool toiletry bag, just to man up that stuff. I have this awesome leather bag Kiehl’s made with West Coast Choppers’ Jesse James. It’s no longer available, but a good example of where you can go with this. The important part though is having some quality tools in there that, as they mention in the GQ article, you keep just for certain tasks like your brows and nose hairs. I use Denco tools of course. They are professional quality and cost less than what GQ is suggesting (ie. Rubis, WÜSTHOF). The round tip scissors, as they mention, are excellent because your face is the last place you want to accidentally stab with a pair of pointy scissors! I like these round tipped Denco 4110 scissors. They’re made in Italy and feature a curved blade so you can keep that tip pointed away from your skin. A lot of guys are going with the full beard these days, yours truly included. For that I suggest Denco 4104, 4½” Beard & Barber Scissors for quick, effective beard trimming. The sharp blades and smooth action will make it a pleasure for you to keep your facial hair well groomed. For the mustache, Denco’s 4102 Mustache Scissors & Comb Set is a convenient combination of our 4101 Mustache Scissors and a fine-tooth comb. The comb is made in France and features sturdy, rounded teeth that will not scratch your skin or get tangled in your facial hair. The Italian hand-ground scissors cleanly and smoothly trim any stray hair for a polished, perfectly groomed look. The last, but definitely not least, important component you’re going to need in the kit is some top notch tweezers! Denco has a lot of great tweezer choices, but for guys I recommend Denco’s 4863 Big Gripper Tweezer. They’re made in Italy of high quality stainless steel and feature precision slant tips. The reason I suggest these for guys though, is the oversized handle design. The cushioned rubber insert makes this tweezer comfortable to use and secure to hold with your big man fingers. Remember to clean your tools when you’re finished though. The best way to clean your scissors and tweezers is basically to wipe them down with a dry towel. That’s it! Throw all that stuff in your manly man grooming bag and you’re good to go.

Seems like every big designer is making cosmetics now: Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel. Giorgio Armani Beauty offers a complete line of cosmetics for the face, nail, eyes, and lips. They even have accessories like sable brushes, and collections. Featured for this spring is the “Pink Light Collection.” The collection consists of a pink light eye palette, light master primer, blending blush duo, lip wax, and armanisilk lipstick. You can learn more about the Pink Light Collection, other Armani Beauty products, and even learn how to apply the pink light look by clicking here.

So the biggest news in the world today is Apple’s release of the new iPhone 3G. How does this fit into the body care world you ask? Well first of all, the iPhone makes the perfect accessory! Ladies, you could have the tiniest of clutch hand bags and still carry with you wireless internet, a camera, e-mail, a music and video player, and of course mobile phone all with the iPhone. 


Say you’re going to a wedding and you don’t want to lug around you Bergen bag just so you’ll have a camera. Done! Just throw the iPhone into your little hand bag. 


Don’t want to carry a purse at all? Fine! For sure your date won’t mind throwing it in his pocket. He might even get a little carried away playing with it. By the end of the reception he’ll marry you just for having an iPhone! 


Don’t want him to see the your e-mails from the other guys you’re dating? Just lock access to the phone all together with a password.


Now those are all old things. What’s new about the hottest item on the market this year? Instead of using AT&T’s Edge network for web access, it uses AT&T’s new 3G network. This means faster loading of web pages, two to three times faster! It also features GPS now, though not the directing kind that you’re used to in cars now. Biggest of all though, is the new online App Store. The App Store is a depot for applications that can be downloaded to your iPhone. Some are free, and other are not. Of course you pay for what you get. Some of these apps are pretty dynamic. They range from motion sensitive games to medical libraries. Which brings me back to body care. Netter’s Anatomy is an app that uses Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy Flash Cards as a reference for human anatomy on your iPhone. Imagine bringing your iPhone to a doctor’s visit for your arthritis, and letting the doctor show you exactly where the joint that is the source of your arthritis is with the amazing, high resolution, interactive graphics. Who knows, The doctor may already have an iPhone for the same purpose!


Now you may have to trim the fingernail on your pointer finger to enjoy all of this. Many women have reported trouble using the iPhone’s touch screen because it can’t sense their fingernail. You decide, is an iPhone worth a fingernail?



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