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I caught this great slideshow in GQ, Put Your Best Face Forward, offering tips on how guys can keep up with appearance without too much trouble. They’re right guys, there’s nothing wrong with taming those brows if they’re starting to get a little bushy, or you suffer from a unibrow. GQ’s tips are spot on, but I thought I’d share what I keep in my grooming kit. First start with a cool toiletry bag, just to man up that stuff. I have this awesome leather bag Kiehl’s made with West Coast Choppers’ Jesse James. It’s no longer available, but a good example of where you can go with this. The important part though is having some quality tools in there that, as they mention in the GQ article, you keep just for certain tasks like your brows and nose hairs. I use Denco tools of course. They are professional quality and cost less than what GQ is suggesting (ie. Rubis, WÜSTHOF). The round tip scissors, as they mention, are excellent because your face is the last place you want to accidentally stab with a pair of pointy scissors! I like these round tipped Denco 4110 scissors. They’re made in Italy and feature a curved blade so you can keep that tip pointed away from your skin. A lot of guys are going with the full beard these days, yours truly included. For that I suggest Denco 4104, 4½” Beard & Barber Scissors for quick, effective beard trimming. The sharp blades and smooth action will make it a pleasure for you to keep your facial hair well groomed. For the mustache, Denco’s 4102 Mustache Scissors & Comb Set is a convenient combination of our 4101 Mustache Scissors and a fine-tooth comb. The comb is made in France and features sturdy, rounded teeth that will not scratch your skin or get tangled in your facial hair. The Italian hand-ground scissors cleanly and smoothly trim any stray hair for a polished, perfectly groomed look. The last, but definitely not least, important component you’re going to need in the kit is some top notch tweezers! Denco has a lot of great tweezer choices, but for guys I recommend Denco’s 4863 Big Gripper Tweezer. They’re made in Italy of high quality stainless steel and feature precision slant tips. The reason I suggest these for guys though, is the oversized handle design. The cushioned rubber insert makes this tweezer comfortable to use and secure to hold with your big man fingers. Remember to clean your tools when you’re finished though. The best way to clean your scissors and tweezers is basically to wipe them down with a dry towel. That’s it! Throw all that stuff in your manly man grooming bag and you’re good to go.


They was a good report on the Today show on NBC this morning as part of a series called Secret Filth Exposed. The report, Rubber Yuckies: Bath Toy Germs, addressed the issue of germs and bacteria that are often overlooked with bath toys. You probably wouldn’t think toys floating in soapy water as being dirty or unsafe. The bath water, as they say, actually becomes a “bacteria soup” though! The toys are the landing ground for this bacteria, especially toys with holes. Don’t just take my word for it though. Check out the video from Today and see how you feel about those bath toys after!

Video: Rubber ‘yuckies’ harbor filth


In an article on, Margaret Chappell interviews Dr. Mehmet Oz (also known as Dr. Oz from Oprah), about using aromatherapy for pain relief. Dr. Oz explains in the article that “the thinking part of the brain can’t inhibit the effects of the scent, meaning you feel them instantaneously.” It doesn’t end at pain relief either. Aromatherapy can also be used for anxiety reduction and rejuvenation. In the article, Dr. Oz and clinical aromatherapist Jane Buckle, PhD, recommend diluting essential oil and dabbing it directly on the skin so you can have “relief on you when you need it” (see article for specific directions). Chappell also spoke with Allan Hirsch, MD, neurologist at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. He says, “Short-term exposure is key because people stop responding to scents after a few minutes.” So make sure to restrict exposure to the scents if you want it to keep working. Finally, Drs. Hirsch and Oz offer some tips:

  • Use vanilla to relax: “subjects who smelled vanilla while completing stress tests had more stable heart rates and blood pressure readings than those who took the tests in an unscented environment.”
  • Use pepermint, jasmine, or citrus to invigorate: these scents are pleasant, yet mild irritants, so they’ll wake you up.
  • Use green apple to relieve pain: “the smell of green apples reduced the severity and duration of migraine headache pain and may have a similar effect on joint pain.”

To read the full article on click here:

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Everyone wants to know what Megan Fox likes! From Roberto Cavalli four-inch spike heels to Lord of the Rings, the star of the Transformers movies has been responding to our interests. What’s probably in more demand than her anime addiction though is her beauty secrets. Megan Fox is all over news stands right now, with Transformers 2 taking over box offices at the moment. One interesting factoid I found was that she drinks a special water to keep her skin balanced. Borba Skin Balance Water diminishes skin dryness, sensitivity and roughness by means of high amounts of antioxidant rich vitamins C and E. For more information about Borba Skin Balance Water click here.

In an article in the New York Times today, Natasha Singer reports that the FDA has ordered the strictest of all warning labels for Botox and similar anti-wrinkle drugs.

“The F.D.A. said such drugs must carry warning labels explaining that the material has the potential to spread from the injection site to distant parts of the body — with the risk of serious difficulties, like problems with swallowing or breathing.

Requiring a drug to carry a box with bold-face risk information — a so-called black-box warning — is one of the strongest safety actions the F.D.A. can take. Black boxes are typically reserved for medications known to have serious or life-threatening risks.”

This comes the day after the FDA approved another anti-wrinkle drug, Dysport.

“The agency’s approval of Dysport, manufactured by Ipsen, based in Paris, portends a fierce competition in the United States toxin market of a sort that has been raging in Europe for years.”

Botox is not only used for treating frown lines, but also used in treating “crossed eyes, eyelid spasms, severe underarm sweating, and cervical dystonia, a neck problem that can cause severe pain and abnormal head position,” as well as cervical dystonia.

To read the full article from the New York Times click here.

I was browsing on the Organic Consumers website and came across an interesting document on organic standards for body care products. The Organic Consumers Association has launched a campaign called “Coming Clean.”  The objective is to promote “labeling and production standards that are now in place for organic foods.”

Here is a segment from the document:

“Scientists and medical practitioners warn of the impact of substances absorbed through the skin—whether it’s soap, shampoo, cosmetics, suntan oil, or lotions for babies and children. 

This process of direct absorption through the skin and capillaries into the body is particularly important, because it completely bypasses the kidneys and liver, which normally filter out toxins. The ability of skin to serve as a direct and unfiltered ‘gateway’ into the bloodstream is exactly why nicotine patches and other medicinal surfactants are so effective. 

Consumers who are already seeking out organic food also want organic body care products. Body care companies, capitalizing on this consumer concern, have started labelling some of their products ‘organic,’ too, but it is not always clear what that means.”

To read the full document click here.

Photograph by simply.ashley on

Photograph by simply.ashley on

Chloë Sevigny, Kim Kardashian, Amber Tamblyn, Natasha Leon and Grammy award winning Estelle were among the crowd that came out to celebrate at the newly redesigned Kiehl’s flagship store in Manhattan’s East Village last week. The skin care line’s flagship store, located at 109 3rd. Ave. in New York, is actually the original 1851 location of Kiehl’s! So to honor the Kiehl’s heritage they’ve redesigned the flagship store with an antiqued, early 20th century look. They feature new flagship-exclusive apparel: logo t-shirts, robes, and even baby onesies! There’s also a new gifting counter where customers can create their own personalized gifts using tissue paper, boxes and potpourri! 


The event was also an opportunity to honor the Doe Foundation with Chloë Sevigny, by contributing $10,000. Originally a local pharmacy in the East Village, Kiehl’s still supports community. The Doe Foundation is a charity that helps to break the cycle of  homelessness in New York City.


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