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Stop Post-Shower Sweating

Posted on: August 3, 2011

It’s summer, it’s hot, and we start to wonder why we were so anxious for this all winter. Well, it IS a lot better than the cold, but there are undeniably things about the heat that are frustrating. For me, one of the most frustrating things about heat is sweating. This is especially irritating when you just get out of the shower you took to cool off and immediately start sweating. Here are some tips for preventing this problem:

Gradually reduce the water temperature in your shower. This will help you cool off and won’t be as shocking as a cold shower. Focus on your hair as it gets cold. Hot water can get trapped in your hair and continue keeping you hot even after your shower. This is also a way of preventing dry skin in the winter, so you might as well make it a year-round routine.

Pat yourself dry, rather than rubbing. Rubbing causes friction between you and your towel, which creates heat as a result. It probably doesn’t seem like it would do that much, but using each of these little steps to stay cool adds up to a lot of difference in the long run. Patting dry also pushes air against your body which is helping cool your body too. Again, this is another way to prevent dry skin in the winter. Patting dry keeps the moisture your skin needs IN your skin. So once again, make it part of your routine year-round.

If the air is hot your clothes are hot too. Find a way to cool them off while you shower. The least you can do is lay them out on your bathroom floor, which is especially effective if you have a tiled floor. The floor will be the coolest place possible, and any heat in the clothing will rise and leave the clothes. If you seriously need to cool off though, try putting your clothes in the freezer while you’re in the shower! It may sound extreme, but there’s no shame if it stops the sweats after your shower.

Ventilate the hot humid air from the shower. Humidity harbors heat. Basically, the more humid the air is the faster it can rise in temperature. Obviously you want to turn a vent on if you have one in your bathroom. That’s the whole concept of bathroom fans (besides the obvious stinky reason). Do as much as you can to get that hot, humid air out though. Open windows as much as you can (unless you have AC). Also, put a regular fan in the bathroom to blow air on you while you pat dry. In the winter this would dry your skin too much, but in the summer you can afford to do it. The air blowing past your skin with help keep you cool and prevent sweating.


2 Responses to "Stop Post-Shower Sweating"

I also found out that the quality of the towels you use can make a bid difference to stop sweating after shower. Before I always had that humid feeling after drying. Now I use some amazing terry cotton towels I bought from and they are so absorbent, it’s a huge improvement!

Yeah, I know this “Post-Shower Sweating” all too well. I also stopped it from happening with some towels that I bought! Super soft too! Soo worth it!

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